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Nohgaku is the stage art which is on the list of The Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity maintained by UNESCO.
It is Nohgaku (Noh and Kyogen), the traditional Japanese art that has not changed its form for over 650 years.
Why wouldnft you like to have it performed in your country?
Here is the information how you can ask for it.
NPO(Non-Profit Organization) Sense has been to Iran(Tehran), Qatar(Doha), Oman(Mascut), Yemen(Sanafa) in the period between January 25th and February 8th 2005 as a project of gSense Noh performance in Middle East Asiah hosted by The Japan Foundation(an independent, government-backed organization).
Noh was performed in Iran after 30 years interval since 1975, and for the first time in Qatar, Oman and Yemen.
The performance was done with a special lecture of the history of Noh and Kyogen, instruments, costumes, and stories for the people who have never seen Noh before to understand more of it and thus to enjoy the performance thoroughly.

¡ƒNoh„BORDER2006@(Date:June 10,2006 Sat)

A world of ethereal beauty of Nohgaku and the stars.
@from Oto-no-Michi (the path of music) Executive Committee
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NohHAGOROMO Shite(Main Character)Jiichi ASAMAI
KyogenSHIMIZUShite(Main Character)Yusuke TAKAZAWA

DateJune 10,2006iSatj
Noh in firelight(Children before entering schools are
not permitted to enter the theatre.)
Opens at 17:30@Starts at 18:30
PlaceKannoh Katori city Hoshi-no-Mori Open air stageƒmap„
9-1,@Kannoh,@Katori cityi9-1, Kannoh, Yamada-machi, Katori-gun)
In case of rain the performance will be held at the Old Yamada-machi Community Hall.

Admission;All seats are unreserved seats\4,000

¡Ticket center
NPO Sense:047-424-2929

wIt connects Katori city in Chiba prefecture,
Itako city and Kashima city in Ibaraki prefecture. @"The Three Riverside Cities Exchange Tour"x

¡Hosted by Oto-no-Michi (the path of music) Executive Committee

¡Cooperated by@NPO Sense, The¥Otoasobi, Suigo-Sawara Tourism Association, Suigo-Itako Tourist Association, Kashima City Tourist Association,

¡Sponsored by@The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan,Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport,
Agency for Cultural Affairs, JAPAN FOUNDATION,Japan National Tourist Organization, Visit Japan Campaign Headquarters,
Chiba Prefectural Government, Ibaraki Prefectural Government,Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center,
Katori City, Itako City, Kashima City,Katori city board of education,
THE SAWARA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY,Yamada town society of commerce and Industry,

¡Supported by@Manyu Ibaraki Tourism Promotion Campaign Conference

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